The Human Factor Now

The Human Factor Now
GSA Schedule Information

Training Aids, Devices and Instructor Led Training 
FSC Group 69
SINs – 400 and 500
Contract Number: GS-02F-0092U
Lawrence J. Doyle
DBA: The Human Factor
PO Box 271
Marlton, NJ  08053
Phone: 856-596-5945
FAX: 856-988-0287

Ordering Instruction under the provisions of I-FSS-600

1a.       Awarded Special Item Number(s): GSA Schedule 69 - SIN-400 and SIN-500

1b.       Identification of the lowest priced model number and lowest unit price for that 
model for each special item number awarded in the contract:  
See Attached Listing

1c.       Description of corresponding commercial job titles, experience, functional 
responsibility, and education for those types of employees:  
See attached listing

2.         Maximum Order:  N/A

3.         Minimum Order:  N/A 

4.         Geographic Coverage (Delivery Area):  International

5.         Point(s) of production (city, county, and State or foreign country):  Marlton, NJ

6.         Discount from list prices or statement of net price:  N/A

7.         Quantity discounts: As Listed

8.         Prompt payment terms:  Net 30

9a.       Government purchase cards are accepted up to the micropurchase threshold:  

9b.       Notification whether Government purchase cards are accepted or not accepted
above the micro-purchase threshold:  Yes

10.       Foreign items (list items by country of origin):  N/A

11a.     Time of Delivery:  On Call

11b.     Expedited Delivery.  On Call – On a mutually agreeable scheduled time

11c.     Overnight and 2‑day delivery:  N/A

11d.     Urgent Requirements:  On Call

12.       F.O.B. Point(s):  Client Sites or sites agreed upon

13a.     Ordering address: PO Box 271, Marlton, NJ 08053 or

13b.     Ordering procedures: In writing, email, or phone

14.       Payment address:  PO Box 271, Marlton, NJ  08053

15.       Warranty provision:  N/A

16.       Export packing charges, if applicable:  N/A

17.       Terms and conditions of Government purchase card acceptance (any 
thresholds above the micropurchase level):  None

18.       Terms and conditions of rental:  N/A

19.       Terms and conditions of installation: N/A  

20.       Terms and conditions of repair parts:  N/A

20a.     Terms and conditions for any other services:  See attached price list

21.       List of service and distribution points:  N/A

22.       List of participating dealers:  N/A

23.       Preventive maintenance: N/A

24a.     Special attributes:  N/A

24b.     Section 508: 

25.       Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number:   79-106-8125

26.       Notification regarding registration in Central Contractor Registration (CCR) 
database:      Lawrence J. Doyle, PO Box 271, Marlton, NJ  08053.

Course Costs Reflecting the Government Discount

The following are the course offerings for THF.  These costs reflect the current year costs.  Succeeding years will have a 6% inflationary rise.  This reflects the additional costs of materials, instruments, and printing.  These prices include the government discount.

We offer programs that are not specifically listed and that are adapted for specific agency needs as they are defined.

We offer programs at the SES level.  These are specifically tailored programs with guest speakers and others that are experts in the field(s) of the specific agency for whom the program is being offered.  These rates will be as negotiated at that time.

The above figures represent the costs for programs in CONUS, overseas will require an add on for the additional transportation and other costs.

Labor Category Rates Inclusive of Government Rates

The Human Factor in dealing with private sector clients offers its services at a flat rate of $3000.00 per day plus expenses.  The expenses include the labor categories listed below and travel, meals, instruments, printing, etc. The below figures represent between a 10 and 15% special rate for the government.

Rates below, rounded, are for training and development services, facilitation services, project management, and coaching.  We are projecting a 6% increase each based on the projected costs currently being incurred and the changes over the last three years.

All Categories 
     Executive Program Manager
Senior Program Manager
Senior Project Manager
Project Leader
Senior Technical Specialist
     Technical Specialist
Administrative Assistant
Research Assistant


1. Direct costs other than THF or subcontract labor costs (e.g. travel, other direct costs) will be reimbursed at actual allowable cost plus applicable General and Administrative expenses pursuant to Federal Acquisition Regulation cost principles.

2. THF's fiscal year is the calendar year.

3. Subcontract labor costs are billed at THF labor category rates shown above.

4. These labor rates are effective as of Jan. 1, 2007 and include the Industrial Funding Fee.

5. We are all considered professional level and overtime is not an issue.

Labor Category Descriptions (Typical Position Qualifications)

Executive Program Manager
Manages the research project to ensure successful completion of tasks, on time ans within budget.  Maintains relationships with high-level government customers to ensure customer satisfactions.  Has an advance degree in the field with a minimum of 20 years experience with either public or private sector management.

Senior Program Manager
Supervises multiple large-scale, complex technical projects.  Responsible for allocating resources and tasks and is the principle liaison with customer for business and technical matters.  Advanced degree with a minimum of 15 years of experience.  Significant management experience with projects of increasing size and difficulty.

Senior Project Leader
Supervises multiple small to medium-sized, complex projects in the leader's area of technical expertise.  Responsible for allocating resources among tasks and is the principal liaison with customer for business and technical matters.  Advanced degree with minimum 15 years of experience. Supervisory or project management experience in technical and analytic fields.

Project Leader
Responsible for business and technical executions of large, complex projects.  Interacts with customer on technical issues.  Advanced degree with minimum of 12 years experience in leading increasingly complex technical projects

Senior Technical Specialist
Serves as the lead analyst on large, technically complex projects.   May be responsible for execution of complex projects.  Advanced degree with 10 years of experience, at least half in managing small or sub-tasks.

Administrative Assistant
Prepares graphical and print/production-ready materials, integrates material from various sources, provides meeting support.  More than 5 years of experience in preparing and reviewing reports, briefings, and other materials.

Research Assistant
Provides general research support to projects.  Bachelor's degree with none or limited experience, or high school graduate with experience, includes summer interns